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  • Windber

Diocese of Kigoma – Tanzania

(Altoona: St. Mary, Sacred Heart, Johnstown: Resurrection & St. Clare)

A rural Diocese in Tanzania with 66 priests serving 270 outstation churches. They have to travel difficult roads to reach their parishioners. Lay catechists, nuns and religious brothers carry on the work that priests are not able to do daily. There is significant poverty and the Diocese needs help to address education, health care and relief services. Additionally, they minister to refugees from Congo DRC and Burundi.

Diocese of Ijebu-Ode – Nigeria

(Altoona: St. Therese, Johnstown: St. Andrew, St. Clement, Davidsville: St. Ann)

A Diocese that is rural but developing. It has a small Catholic population but it is growing through evangelization efforts. Funds raised will be used to continue these efforts, as well as working to create access to clean water and eradicate water borne diseases among children, provide health care for the well-being of villagers, and allow seminarians to continue studying.

Archdiocese of Monrovia – Liberia

(Johnstown: St. Benedict, Windber: St. Elizabeth, St. Anthony, Ss. Cyril and Methodius)

Between 1989-2003, Liberia suffered a brutal civil war. While peace has now held steady for longer than the war lasted, there is still significant need in the country. Funds collected will be used to implement and strengthen Diocesan pastoral, educational, health and social justice programs, as well as training seminarians and catechists.

Diocese of Nakuru – Kenya

(Newry: St. Patrick, Roaring Spring: St. Thomas More, Hooversville: Holy Family, Northern Cambria: Prince of Peace)

Drought is a persistent problem in Kenya, but it has been ravaging many in the Northern enclaves and acute food shortages about. Pasture and water for livestock is being depleted, which leads to conflict over those remaining. Those who contribute to the Diocese of Nakuru in the MCP will help to: Dig wells to supply safe and clean water, introduce drought resistant crops, provide medicine and education to the poor, and support the religious men and women providing pastoral and humanitarian service to the people in the region.

Diocese of Buea – Cameroon

(Frugality: St. Joan of Arc, Ashville: St. Thomas Aquinas, Gallitzin: St. Demetrius, Somerset: St. Peter)

There is a massive need for humanitarian aid in the Diocese of Buea due to a civil war between civilian fighters and government soldiers. There are over 800,000 persons displaced by the conflict, in addition to the many who have already died, and the need for assistance is great. The Diocese runs a CARITAS service which includes: 3 health centers, a counselling unit, food and supplement services and temporary shelters for those displaced. Your donation to the MCP will help the Diocese continue ministering to those in most need.

Archdiocese of Yaounde – Cameroon

(Dysart: St. Augustine; Chest Springs: St. Monica; Philipsburg: Good Shepherd; Lilly: Our Lady of the Alleghenies)

The Diocese of Yaounde is trapped under a civil war between Francophones and Anglophones, as well as the constant threat of the militant group, Boko Haram. There is great poverty there and a need to help the most vulnerable. The gifts you give to the MCP will help the Diocese of Yaounde give their people access to education, clean water, evangelization and a hospital.

Carmelite Missions

(Johnstown: St. John Gualbert; South Fork: Most Holy Trinity; Wilmore: St. Bartholomew; Hastings: St. Bernard)
A keen, vibrant force in 33 countries, Missionary Carmelites have taken the lead in providing solutions – as spiritual leaders, educators and founders of programs – that help the poorest of the poor.

Divine Mercy Province of Heralds of Good News

(Duncansville: St. Catherine of Siena; Johnstown: Visitation, St. Therese, St. Anne)
The Society aims to promote vocations to the priesthood, the training of seminarians and the supply of zealous and hardworking missionaries to the dioceses in India and abroad which experience a shortage of priests due to the lack of local vocations. They have 127 priests working in 14 countries around the world, including 13 in the United States.

Order of Friar Servants of Mary

(Altoona: St. John; Lock Haven: Holy Spirit; Renovo: St. Joseph; St. Michael: St. Michael)
They serve in the mission territory of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, and are looking for support for their efforts at evangelization, education, liturgy, primary health care, building homes, digging wells and building new churches. They also request prayers for an increase in vocations to the Servite Order.

Congregation of the Holy Spirit (The Spiritans)

(Hollidaysburg: St. Mary, St. Michael; Boswell: All Saints; Central City: Our Lady Queen of Angels)

The Spiritans, founded in 1703, have a rich tradition of missionary spirituality and service to the poor, marginalized and most abandoned people in the world. Their missionary work continues to
thrive in Africa, Asia, South America, Haiti and other Caribbean regions while domestically they provide pastoral service to many of the poorest Diocesan parishes. Support from the MCP funds seminary programs, building schools and orphanages, humanitarian needs, refugee camps, and many other important projects.

Vincentian Congregation: Mary Matha (Mother of God) Province

(Colver: Holy Family; Carrolltown: St. Benedict; Mount Union: St. Catherine; Orbisonia: St. Mary)

They have a mission church in Joram, India where many are poor and illiterate, and lack basic amenities in life, such as: proper housing, health care, education , infrastructure and
transportation. There has also been a lack of faith formation facilities, and Catholics have been leaving the faith in the area. The mission is seeking to give faith formation, provide food and financial help to the needy, assistance for medical treatment and spiritual counseling.

The Order of the Most Holy Trinity and of the Captives (The Trinitarians)

(Bedford: St. Thomas; Huntingdon: Most Holy Trinity; Dudley: Immaculate Conception; Johnstown: Our Mother of Sorrows, St. Michael)

The Trinitarians serve throughout India and the Middle East in areas where it is often illegal or dangerous to practice the Catholic faith. They have retreat centers, a home for the destitute elderly,
social outreach in rural villages and educational schools and community centers for the poorest children. The Trinitarian friars are providing children and teenagers with wonderful opportunities for advancement, which without their efforts, they would never have.

Adrian Dominican Sisters

(New Baltimore: St. John the Baptist; Loretto: St. Michael; New Germany: Immaculate Conception; Summerhill: St. John)

The Adrian Dominican Sisters have been involved in missionary efforts for over sixty years, primarily in the Dominican Republic and the Philippines. Their missionary work includes ministering to
the poor in primary and secondary education, theology, work with the sick, abused, imprisoned, as well as pastoral ministry and family work. The women involved in the foreign missions are making a difference in shaping the world community.

The Hospitaler Sisters of Mercy

(Williamsburg: St. Joseph; State College: Our Lady of Victory; Clarence: Queen of the Archangels)

Through their Hospital Apostolate, they care for the sick and the aged, as well as working for the marginalized low-income groups of people in the missions through socio-economic, education and faith programs. Also, their services assist and help victims of human trafficking in Louisiana.

Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill

(Altoona: Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady of Fatima; Mundy’s Corner: St. John; Portage: Holy Family, St. Joseph, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart)

The Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill began in South Korea shortly after the Korean war. They ministered to those in need there, and their vocations grew. They began to reach out to those in China in 1998 and then in Ecuador in 2008. In these three locations they teach and provide services to children who are disabled and underprivileged, as well as striving to bring the love of the Lord to all those they serve.

Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception

(Philipsburg: Ss. Peter and Paul; Altoona: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel; Ebensburg: Holy Name)

Founded in Poland, the Institution has spread to the United States, Nigeria, Kenya and recently the Caribbean, which especially needs support. The Sisters are engaged in education, health
care delivery, social care services, vocational training, support for people living with HIV/AIDS and a Pastoral apostolate. They target the poorest of the poor in these societies, trying to help with shelter, food pantries, education and self-reliance.

Franciscan Sisters of St. Bernadette

(Conemaugh: Transfiguration; Altoona: St. Rose)

The Sisters are dedicated for ministries of caring for orphans, refugees, sick in hospitals, HIV/AIDS victims, teaching in schools, widows and widowers, developmentally challenged, lepers and
performing pastoral services, primarily in Tanzania and the United States. They are currently facing an acute water shortage and are hoping to construct rainwater harvesting tanks to help alleviate this problem.

Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu

(Everett: St. John; McConnellsburg: St. Stephen; Johnstown: Ss. Gregory and Barnabas; Altoona: Our Lady of Lourdes)

It is an Institute of women religious, witnessing to the burning love of Jesus Christ to the most vulnerable, especially women and children. They serve in Uganda, Kenya, Italy and the United States, with a focus on Catholic education, health services, pastoral and social work among rural and periurban communities, as well as refugees in Uganda.

The Amen Foundation

(Altoona: St. Mark, Holy Rosary; Nicktown: St. Nicholas; Patton: Queen of Peace)

The Amen Foundation supports and promotes Catholic vocations and ministries, such as seminarians, Sisters and Lay Missioners. They then go into missions supporting ministries associated with food security, health promotion, education and more.

Hands Together

(Tyrone: St. Matthew; Bellwood: St. Joseph; Cresson: St. Aloysius, St. Francis)

Working in some of the poorest parts of Haiti, Cite Soleil was called the “most violent place on earth” by the United Nations. There are half a million people living in squalor, violence and
hopelessness. Hands Together runs 11 Catholic schools for over 12,000 children in these areas, providing free education, food, First Communion, and Confirmation to each child. They also provide free medical help through mobile clinics, dig wells and feel 25,000 people monthly.

PEACE – Pastoral Evangelization and Children’s Education

(Penns Valley: St. Kateri Tekakwitha; Bellafonte: St. John; Johnstown: St. Patrick, St. Francis)

Run by the Society of St. Eugene De Mazenod, PEACE supports the pastoral needs of the people, children, youth, seminarians and women of the Chitoor district in southern India. They serve
the developmental needs of the marginalized and offer hope and direction for their futures. Currently they are seeking to build a computer lab for students to learn and lift themselves out of poverty.

A Simple House

(MacDonaldon: St. Gregory; Meyersdale; Ss. Philip and James; Nanty Glo: St. Mary)

A Simple House in an experiment in the New Evangelization among the poor in the inner-city neighborhoods of Washington, DC and Kansas City, MO. Missioners minister to the poor by visitng them in their own homes and neighborhoods: praying with them, sharing faith experiences, conducting Bible studies, and inviting them to Mass. They also help with material needs of families from delivering groceries or baby supplies to cleaning and repairing homes, to helping people with addictions find treatment and support.

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